Pre Draft

(Boston Celtics’ #3 selection, Jaylen Brown, in the 2016 NBA Draft)

With the draft creeping up on us in under 24 hours and the fact that the Red Sox haven’t met my standards this year, I figured that it’s time to talk about the Celtics and the wizard himself, Danny Ainge.

Ainge traded away the 1st overall pick in tomorrow’s draft for Philadelphia’s 3rd pick and a protected pick in 2018. In all honesty, I’m not sure how I feel about that trade but Danny has made some gutsy calls in the past that I’ve learned to love in the future and if you’re not sure of what I’m talking about it’s the trade that sent KG and Paul Pierce to the Nets and gave us about 100 future draft picks that I absolutely love at the moment.

There was a report yesterday about Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks wanting to part ways with Kristaps Porzingis and I’d be more than happy to have that man in a Celtics uniform if it’s for the 3rd pick and maybe one of our bench players or Jae Crowder, who knows. Whatever it is, I’d most likely be on board with it because you never see 7’3 shooters like that one.  The Unicorn is only 22 and continues to impress viewers of the league each and every year.

Other than that, I’m honestly not sure how tomorrow night is going to be, whether we draft Josh Jackson, from Kansas, or Jayson Tatum, from Duke, with that #3 pick or if we move that pick or who knows what the hell could happen within the next 24 hours. The possibilities are completely endless and I love every single freaking second of it. At the end of the day, Danny Ainge is a smart man and knows everything that he’s doing when it comes to the Boston Celtics and their future.

-Matthew Fermo (twitter: @fermo_xcviii)

Going Into Break

Isaiah Thomas
(Credit: CSNNE)

The Celtics’ season has been phenomenal this year as we head into the all star break. The whole team has been clicking with each other and it’s been great to watch.

If you were to tell me that the Celtics would be the owner of the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference, just 3 games behind the Cavaliers going into the All Star break then I’d most likely ask you what kind of drugs you’ve been on. We all knew that Isaiah Thomas was good but averaging almost 30 points a game and breaking John Halvichek’s record of 40 straight games having 20 points or more is absolutely nuts. The King of the Fourth is the definition of consistency and has proved everyone wrong. Everyone who said Thomas would be a “6th man at best” has eaten their words.

Marcus Smart is an unsung hero in the Celtics’ backcourt, his defense is freaking ridiculous and has stepped up tremendously after the absence of Avery Bradley who was injured back in the early part of January missing 18 of the last 19 games. Smart is averaging 10 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds and almost 2 steals a night. He got called up and as Bill would say, Marcus “did his job” so far.

The last player I’d like to talk about is rookie Jaylen Brown, the kid is a wrecking ball and I’m honestly sad to see him decline the invitation to this years’ Slam Dunk Contest. I understand why he did, he’s a rookie and adjusting to the NBA schedule which is very demanding just like any professional sport.

Anyways, Brown has put OK numbers with about 6 points per game and almost 3 boards a game. He’s made it into Brad Steven’s starting 5 and does his part. When this kid dunks, it’s always something over the top and I love every single second of watching him posterize someone.

Now, there have been a mess of trade rumors as the trade deadline is coming up, especially since every team is wanting to talk trades with us with those Net picks we have, one being a top 3 this year. If I were to take any trades then it’d be along the lines of something like, Butler or George for the Brooklyn pick and either Crowder and Bradley depending on which player would come to us. I’d love to see Gordon Hayward come to the Celtics as well because he has respect for Brad Stevens, since he played under him at Butler, and isn’t an egotistic douche like a lot of superstars in the NBA.

If we’re discussing trades then the Celtics need to make a serious push for a big man to pick up the slack in the rebounding game which needs some serious work since they’re ranked 28th in the league when it comes to rebounding. I was listening to Felger and Mazz on 98.5 FM the Sports Hub, and they were yapping up about the big men around the league who the Celtics could pick up like, Tyson Chandler, or Nikola Vucevic. I just wish they made a bigger effort to pick up Serge Ibaka from Orlando, if they tossed them James Young or Rozier along with one of those overseas guys and a future pick whether it’s first round or second round I think they’d [Orlando] take that. I just hope Danny makes a move though, I want to see the Celtics make a serious run this year.

– Ferm, Entourage Sports Admin.


Claude + Montreal


One week after the firing of Claude Julien, the Canadiens picked up our sloppy seconds, well, we actually picked up their sloppy seconds back in ’03 but whatever, the Habs and Claude Julien got back together on Valentine’s Day which is honestly really cute but at the same time a kick in the nuts. 

Saw this really funny tweet by CSNNE writer, DJ Bean, 

That was good.

 Claude’s now managing the Atlantic Division leading Montreal Canadiens and has his first game on Saturday against the Jets. Wish him the best(not really)! 

-Ferm, Entourage Sports Admin. 

BYE Week

Credit: Arthur Pollock


Three games and three wins under the Bruins’ interim coach, Bruce Cassidy. I knew he’d win those games but I also had my doubts because the Sharks are a friggen sick team this year and the Canucks I actually had no doubts about but it was a nail biter. When we played the Habs, I expected a close game and maybe even a loss but 4-0? Bruins beat the crap out of the Habs in every aspect of the game.

The Canadians were one of the few teams in the NHL that honestly had Tuuk’s number, he was 0-9-6 against the Habs [at home] in his career but yesterday he was sensational with 25 saves and the shutout which I was pumped about because he got me 8 points in fantasy to get me the win by 1 point. 

Anyways, the team looks great and honestly looks rejuvenated especially with some young guys getting called up like Cehlarik and Vatrano getting more ice time and of course, David freaking Pastrnak with a game winning dagger against the Canucks and yesterday with the assist. 

It’s sucks that the BYE week had to be now while we’ve got this momentum going on our side but we’ll see how the Bruins respond when they travel to the west coast for a tough road trip against San Jose, Anaheim, LA and go south to face the Stars in Dallas. 

Go Bruins guy. 

-Ferm, Entourage Sports Admin. 

“No Days Off” 


 Bill wasn’t kidding when he started the chant, “No Days Off!”. 

Right after winning the Super Bowl you’d expect for us to be celebrating and being happy which we are, no doubt, but you also need to remember that we have a busy off season ahead of ourselves. Not us obviously, but Mr. Kraft and Bill do when it comes to free agency.

Notable free agents on this squad would be; Dont’a Hightower(LB), Michael Bennett(TE), Chris Long(DE), Malcolm Butler(CB) and Logan Ryan(CB).

The Patriots have until February 15th to place the Franchise Tag on one of these guys and my guess is that it would be Hightower. Keeping him would be a huge win in the offseason alone. That’s one of the best linebackers in the game as of right now and he’s just an x-factor to the Pats’ defense.

Butler is a restricted free agent so I believe that we’ll manage to sign him long term for a good amount of money.
I’d love to see Marty Bennett play for us next season but this is could another Revis case where he came for one year and dipped right after he got that ring to add to his resume.

Chris Long and Logan Ryan are up in the air as well but I’m sure we can get them to agree on a short term extension.

Mr. Kraft and the Patriots show absolutely no sign of stopping here and being satisfied with their fifth Super Bowl trophy and insist on pursuing the sixth next year. On February 7th it was reported by Darren Rovell, ESPN senior writer, stating that the Patriots have filed a trademark on the phrase, “Blitz for Six” to use on merchandise for next season. In order to “blitz for six” they need to get their free agents situation figured out. 

Matthew T. Fermo, Entourage Sports Admin. 

The New Big Three?

David PriceRick Porcellochris-sale

We’re two days away before the pitchers and catchers show up for Spring Training and you know what that means, we get to see the Big Three in action. Chris Sale, David Price and Rick Porcello. Potentially the greatest pitching rotation (on paper) since the Phillies back in 2011 with Halladay, Oswalt, Lee and Hamels. Or could even compare it to the ridiculous Cubs rotation from last year consisting Hammel, Arrieta, Lester and Lackey. Of course there hasn’t been any actual innings being pitched so we don’t know for sure if they’ll be these great pitchers but what we do know is that these guys are capable of doing incredible things when stepping on the mound. On paper, these three have struck out over 3,500 batters with an ERA of 3.50 and a 1.18 WHIP spread out between them.

Competition will be brutal between the other pitchers trying to squeeze into that top 5 rotation. Steven Wright, Drew Pomeranz, and Eduardo Rodriguez will all be looking to make the final cut. Wright was phenomenal last year until he sustained that shoulder injury in August that kept him out off the mound for the rest of the year. His knuckleball was unhittable (if that’s even a word) and went 13-6 in 24 starts with a 3.33 ERA. Now Drew Pomeranz before the All Star break was freaking awesome posting up a 2.47 ERA and Dombrowski was feeling a little trigger happy and traded no. 14 ranked pitcher in the top 50 prospects list, Anderson Espinoza, for the 27 year old pitcher from San Diego. I have high hopes for Pomeranz to find his groove in Boston this upcoming season. Lastly Eduardo Rodriguez, who I hold very high hopes up for the future, is another Red Sox battling for one of those final two spots as well. Other than that, we finally have depth which is great to finally say.

This rotation is honestly so pretty, this is a World Series winning rotation even though we saw what Rick and David did last year in the post season, which was close to absolute jack. I refuse to believe that we’re not going to make a lot of noise this post season with Sale on our side. Yes, I understand that the upcoming season hasn’t even started yet and I’m already talking about the post season and winning the Series but can you blame me? That was a rhetorical question, bud, c’mon.

I haven’t been this excited for a Red Sox season to start since the start of the 2007 season with Matzusaka, Beckett, Wakefield with that DISGUSTING knuckleball and potentially one of the greatest closers in Sox history with Jonathan Paplebon all being on the same team to win another World Series. The weapons we’ve added to this bullpen in the last two years is pretty friggen scary with the likes of Sale (duh), Carson Smith, Tyler Thornburg, and Craig Kimbrel. Oh and how could I forget, the notorious Fernando Abad… I’d love to sit down with Dave Dombrowski and have a conversation with him and have him explain to me what he was thinking when he traded for Abad. I could write a whole article on Fernando Abad, it’s sad, really. Watching Abad save a game makes me want to down a whole bottle of Jack Daniel’s by myself so I won’t remember what I witnessed the night before. How do you have a 3.71 career ERA as a relief pitcher? Is that even allowed? You pitch a max of, like, 3 innings bro.

Any ways, got carried away with that, and but after what we saw in 2016, where we led the MLB with the best offense but lacked pitching, I feel like we filled some gaps and are ready to compete with a powerhouse team like the Cubs or the Nationals who both could easily be representing the NL division in the World Series this year. Even though we lost Big Papi, which I still find myself crying when I watch tribute videos to him, we added Mitch Moreland, who isn’t the big power hitter we needed but he could play first base, given the fact that he has a Gold Glove, and move Hanley to DH and have him put up 30-35 homers this season. Also, if God would be kind enough to dig Pablo Sandoval from the hole he’s been stuck in for the last year or so, then I’d be forever grateful.

Like I said before, this season has great potential and could it be any better timing to win a World Series the year right after the Patriots win the Super Bowl? I can see them getting the duckboats ready.


-Matthew T. Fermo, Entourage Sports Admin.




Fresh Start

David Pastrnak, Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron
Pasternak(88) celebrating his goal with teammates Marchand(63) and Bergeron(37)
After a heartbreaking departure of Claude Julien many fans were wondering if he was the issue and weren’t sure how the boys would respond and… BOOOOM! Are you kidding me? 6-3? C’mon man! You knew this one was going to be a massacre when Backes scored 52 seconds into the first period and ended the first period on a high note leading 3-1. Now I’ll admit that the Sharks pretty much screwed themselves over by picking up all those penalties but, I mean, I’ll take these wins how we can get them.

One game in with Bruce Cassidy and we see a whole new Bruins team, you saw smarter shots on net, you saw beautiful passing between the players in the opposition’s zone, you saw the defense helping out the attack a lot more as well and you just saw the boys having fun out there. After this big win against a strong Sharks team, the Bruins hold onto an 8th place playoff ticket and I can see it going up from here. Of course there are a little over 25 games left on the season’s calendar so I’d expect more than 8th place, especially when they’re stuck at 4th place in a weak Atlantic Division.

David Pastrnak, my oh my, this kid is a stud and is one to keep an eye on for the future. Eight points in the last two games and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Patrice Bergeron is another Bruin stepping up as well with seven points in the last two meetings. I know it’s only the first game since the firing of Claude but the way they played last night, they got us believing that we can make some noise in the postseason. I also understand that we’re rebuilding but it’d still be nice to be in the playoffs again. Next up is a deflated Vancouver team, who are coming off of an impressive 3-0 win against the Blue Jackets in Columbus, on Saturday at the  TD Garden at 1:00 PM EST.

-Matthew T. Fermo, Entourage Sports Admin.