Get The Duck Boats Ready


119 wins later and your Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions! And my God, this was everything I could’ve ever wanted and so much more. Let’s go through a recap of the game:

After letting up a quick solo shot to David Freese on the first pitch of his outing, David Price collected himself and pitched an absolute gem of a game going for seven innings; allowing three hits, one run, two walks and five strikeouts. Joe Kelly comes in and picks up right where David left off and pitched a quick one, two, three inning. After striking out the entire side and coming off the mound, Kelly shakes his head while giving his best Ric Flair, “WOOOO” impression.

Can’t not mention the bats that came alive today when it was most needed. Right in the beginning, Steve Pearce does what he does best and that is to hit 2-run-piss-missiles against any pitcher that you want to throw out on the mound. Yes, even Clayton Kershaw. A’ight, so boom, Sox up 2-1 after the first five innings of the game until Markus Lynn Betts (who was 0-13 since Game 3 of the series) came up to bat and took Kershaw deep for his first career postseason home run. Oh, and Mookie, what a time to get that home run. Shortly after, in the top of 7th, (J.)umbo (D.)ong Martinez steps to the plate and takes Clayton for a long trip to center field.

That would be the end of the night for Clayton Kershaw as he finished allowing seven hits, four earned runs and five strikeouts in seven innings. And if matters couldn’t get any worse, as Pedro Baez comes in to try and defuse the situation at hand, every pitchers’ worse nightmare walked up to the plate, Steve friggin’ Pearce. And Steve Pearce does what he does; cocked a moonshot to left field to put the fork in the Dodgers.

Heading into the ninth inning, it was smooth Sale’n from there on out. Haha, get it? Sale’n (Sailing). It’s a pun. Anyways, this couldn’t have ended any more perfect than Chris Sale bringing Manny Machado down to a knee on his signature slider for the K — that was absolute sex for my eyes.

If you couldn’t guess who won World Series MVP, it was Steve Pearce. You know, there’s something about that name ‘Pearce’ (Pierce) and doing damage against LA sports teams. Word to Paul back in 2008. Pearce batted for .333, mashing three dingers and racking up eight RBIs with a 1.167 slugging percentage. So yeah, he raked, kid. Take that Willie Mays trophy and find a nice place to set it on top of back home.

Red Sox legend.

Reminder to everyone that the Red Sox are the master trolls: “New York New York” starts playing right before the popping of champagne bottles had commenced.

I also wanted to take a moment and acknowledge and appreciate the performance from David Price this postseason. He finally got the postseason monkey off his back and took command and initiative to be a leader for this ball club — Pitching a total of 16.2 IP in four days, and let me add that he pitched very well in each one of those innings. He would grind out every inning and took it one out at a time and that’s all you can ask for from one of your best pitchers. True warrior attitude.

After collecting 108 wins in the regular season, being named American League East champions, and then following that by becoming American League Division champions, the Boston Red Sox are World Champions for the fourth time in 15 seasons and I can’t stop smiling.

Final: Red Sox 5, Dodgers 1

WP: David Price (2-0)

LP: Clayton Kershaw (0-2)

You just love to see that.

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Sox-Nats Recap

Game 1:

Image result for rick porcello vs nationals


What if I told you that Rick Porcello would be the x-factor in this match up against ‘Mad’ Max Scherzer? Well he was and it was HUGE. Pretty Ricky steps up to the plate down 0-2 with Eduardo Perez and Tim Kurkjian laughing it up, thinking it’s so funny to watch him hold a bat against Max but little did Timmy and Eddie know that Pretty Ricky loves ripping base-clearing doubles off stud pitchers. He also loves making ESPN reporters eat their words.

Nothing got me fired up like shutting those two up.

Final: Red Sox 4, Nationals 3

Winning Pitcher: Porcello (10-3)

Losing Pitcher: Scherzer (10-5)

Save: Kimbrel (25)

Game 2:

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Eduardo Nunez kicked things off with a 3-run moonshot off of Tanner Roark in the top of the 2nd. And after that, the Sox’s offense didn’t let up, getting some back up from Xander and JD Martinez who collected his league-leading 26th homer on the season. Even some offensive help from Brian Johnson who got his first MLB hit on the night. The bad news of the evening was Mitch Moreland leaving early in the 3rd inning due to back spasms so expect to see Steven Pearce make more appearances at first base.

Final: Red Sox 11, Nationals 4

Winning Pitcher: Workman (1-0)

Losing Pitcher: Roark (3-10)

Game 3:

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After getting rocked by the Yankees last start, Eduardo Rodriguez was ready to put that start behind him and he sure did — going 6-innings, striking out six, allowing just three hits and a walk to get his 10th win on the year. Solid series from the Sox. Going into the nation’s capital and sweeping the Nationals was very refreshing to watch.

Red Sox now 59-29 on the season and knock the Nationals under .500 to a disappointing 42-43.

Final: Red Sox 3, Nationals 0

Winning Pitcher: Rodriguez (10-3)

Losing Pitcher: Fedde (1-4)

Save: Kimbrel (26)

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Eduardo Rodriguez Gets Rocked By Yankees and Sox Fall to 2nd in AL East

Not the best outing from the lefty, Eduardo Rodriguez, last night; giving up five earned runs on seven hits, two of them being absolute cock-rockets to Miguel Andujar and Greg Bird, in 6-innings. It all started with a triple from Gleybar Torres, the first of his very promising career, in the bottom of the second and the Venezuelan starter just couldn’t seem to find his rhythm at Yankees Stadium after that and fell to 9-3 on the season.

CC Sabathia picked up his fifth win on the season after a stellar 7-inning outing letting up six hits and allowing one earned run on the night. This was a poor performance from the Red Sox overall. But to shed some good news after such a lousy game — newly acquired first baseman and DH, Steven Pearce, from Toronto had a great debut going 2-for-4 with his first hit in a Sox uniform being a double.

But hey, today’s Sale Day and that’s always something to look forward to (if the Red Sox’s offense could offer more than just one run). It’s another 7:05 PM start time tonight in the Bronx and the Yankees are sending Sonny Gray (5-5: 4.93 ERA) to the mound to try and secure back to back wins.

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Red Sox Brought the Broomsticks and Swept the Angels for the Season.

After a 4-2 win over the Angels last night, the Red Sox collected their 6th win and completed the sweep of their AL West rivals for the season.

Brian Johnson started this one with a stellar four innings allowing three hits, one earned run and one walk. Hector Velasquez was then sent to the mound to pick up his 6th win on the season with an impressive 2.38 ERA which set up Craig Kimbrel for his 24th save (2nd in MLB) on the season.

Once again we saw Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a homerun, his 6th on the season, and Rafael Devers smacked his 13th of the season. It’s about to be July and this could be the beginning of a JBJ’s hot streak and I’m all for it. Let that man get hot and this team is damn near unstoppable.

Tonight the Sox head to the Bronx for a three-game series against Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and the rest of the Bombers. Red Sox will send Eduardo Rodriguez (9-2: 3.86 ERA) to the mound up against C.C. Sabathia (4-3: 3.18 ERA) for a 7:05 start time.

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JD Martinez Is a Monster and No One Can Stop Him. Oh and the Angels Are Not That Good.

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JD, Just Dingers, Jumbo Dong. Call him what you want but just don’t call him broke…

Ever since the Scott Boras client signed the 5 year/$110 million deal with the Red Sox he has not disappointed in the slightest. The Red Sox slugger is batting .329/.348/.654 and a 1.050 OPS along with a league leading 25 home runs and 64 RBIs. So, yeah, he’s been pretty decent.

The Angels on the other hand, not too hot. After a potential comeback that the Sox slammed the door shut on the Angels, who own 4th place in the AL West with a pathetic 41-40 record and are a whopping 12.5 games back of the first place Astros. Yikes.

Tonight is the last game that these two teams will encounter each other for the remainder of the season and the Sox are looking for a clean sweep. The Red Sox pitching staff and offense have been rolling on all cylinders and show no signs of slowing down tonight. So far on the year, the Sox’s offense is batting .431 while scoring 45 runs in 5 games (which is pretty good) while the Angels are hitting a despicable .147 and only have 10 runs scored against the Sox, which honestly, isn’t bad but it’s just the fact that the Red Sox have scored 45 runs so it overshadows those measly 10 runs. The Angels hype train certainly has died down, especially after Shohei hit the DL. They’re still missing pieces to compete with teams in their own division, so until then, the Astros and the Mariners will continue to command that division.

Tune into the finale between the Red Sox and Angels tonight for a 7:10 PM start at Fenway.

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Alex Cora is the 47th Manager of the Boston Red Sox


Two weeks later and the search for a new manager is over. The Red Sox announced that they hired Houston’s bench coach, Alex Cora! The 42 year old ex-Sox player is back in Beantown and this time it’s as the manager of the ball club instead. Cora is currently the bench coach for the Houston Astros, who face the Dodgers in game 1 tomorrow for the World Series, and that automatically makes us all Astros fans for the time being.

With Cora being hired, this makes him the first manager hired under the power of Dave Dombrowski which means if Cora or this team screws up, then Dombrowski takes the heat for it. Ever since 2015, we’ve heard endless amounts of garbage spew out of Dave’s mouth and every moronic thing he’s done and just puts the blame on just about anyone but himself. Anyways, as I divert, this blog is about the new manager of the Boston Red Sox and I wish they made this switch about a year and a half ago but I’m glad they finally did. This might be the first thing that Dave potentially does right as a President of Baseball Operations, Cora speaks both languages fluently, has a great connection with young players (Farrell lacked this heavily), is already familiar with the organization and is loved by Red Sox fans and pretty much everyone else loves Alex Cora, how could you not?

I fell in love with the thought of Alex Cora managing this team before the rumors even splurged out to the public. You hear and read all these baseball analysts and pro players and managers talk about how smart and passionate Cora is when it comes to the game of baseball and it gets you excited for the future for this young Red Sox team.

Along with the rest of Red Sox Nation, I’d like to wish Alex and the Astros good luck on winning the World Series but get ready to do some heavy lifting next April.

Kyrie Irving is a Celtic… Again!

I cannot believe that we waited that whole time and were kept in that long of a suspense just to see a lousy future draft pick go to Cleveland. You had Celtic fans and Cav fans biting their nails and ruining countless nights of sleep over a 16 year old sophomore or junior in high school who’s probably in class as I’m writing this. 

Anyways, Woj tweets out at around 10:30 PM that the Celtics and Cavs have officially come to an agreement. 

Oh, you’re wondering what the hold up was? Just the 58th pick in the 2020 Draft. Yup, that’s it. I’m also not saying that that kid can’t be an NBA superstar because look at Isaiah Thomas and what he’s accomplished, I’m just saying that the odds don’t stack up in Cleveland’s favor. 

We all knew that Danny wasn’t going to give up much more. 

With this trade coming to a conclusion, that means that four years later that Celtics-Nets trade is officially over. Here’s what the Celtics got out of this trade; 

I’m just excited that Kyrie is officially a Celtic and will absolutely thrive in this system that Brad Stevens has established in Beantown. Kevin Durant was asked about the trade and gave his two cents about it that will excite Celtic fans; 

I completely agree with KD. In Cleveland it was basically just a crumby reality show with Lebron going into each off season, having all the cameras pointed at him and having the media hold their breaths on whether he’s going to stay or leave and just being an overall distraction. Kyrie obviously got sick of that garbage and clearly wants to focus soley on basketball going into the prime years of his career.