Alex Cora is the 47th Manager of the Boston Red Sox


Two weeks later and the search for a new manager is over. The Red Sox announced that they hired Houston’s bench coach, Alex Cora! The 42 year old ex-Sox player is back in Beantown and this time it’s as the manager of the ball club instead. Cora is currently the bench coach for the Houston Astros, who face the Dodgers in game 1 tomorrow for the World Series, and that automatically makes us all Astros fans for the time being.

With Cora being hired, this makes him the first manager hired under the power of Dave Dombrowski which means if Cora or this team screws up, then Dombrowski takes the heat for it. Ever since 2015, we’ve heard endless amounts of garbage spew out of Dave’s mouth and every moronic thing he’s done and just puts the blame on just about anyone but himself. Anyways, as I divert, this blog is about the new manager of the Boston Red Sox and I wish they made this switch about a year and a half ago but I’m glad they finally did. This might be the first thing that Dave potentially does right as a President of Baseball Operations, Cora speaks both languages fluently, has a great connection with young players (Farrell lacked this heavily), is already familiar with the organization and is loved by Red Sox fans and pretty much everyone else loves Alex Cora, how could you not?

I fell in love with the thought of Alex Cora managing this team before the rumors even splurged out to the public. You hear and read all these baseball analysts and pro players and managers talk about how smart and passionate Cora is when it comes to the game of baseball and it gets you excited for the future for this young Red Sox team.

Along with the rest of Red Sox Nation, I’d like to wish Alex and the Astros good luck on winning the World Series but get ready to do some heavy lifting next April.


Kyrie Irving is a Celtic… Again!

I cannot believe that we waited that whole time and were kept in that long of a suspense just to see a lousy future draft pick go to Cleveland. You had Celtic fans and Cav fans biting their nails and ruining countless nights of sleep over a 16 year old sophomore or junior in high school who’s probably in class as I’m writing this. 

Anyways, Woj tweets out at around 10:30 PM that the Celtics and Cavs have officially come to an agreement. 

Oh, you’re wondering what the hold up was? Just the 58th pick in the 2020 Draft. Yup, that’s it. I’m also not saying that that kid can’t be an NBA superstar because look at Isaiah Thomas and what he’s accomplished, I’m just saying that the odds don’t stack up in Cleveland’s favor. 

We all knew that Danny wasn’t going to give up much more. 

With this trade coming to a conclusion, that means that four years later that Celtics-Nets trade is officially over. Here’s what the Celtics got out of this trade; 

I’m just excited that Kyrie is officially a Celtic and will absolutely thrive in this system that Brad Stevens has established in Beantown. Kevin Durant was asked about the trade and gave his two cents about it that will excite Celtic fans; 

I completely agree with KD. In Cleveland it was basically just a crumby reality show with Lebron going into each off season, having all the cameras pointed at him and having the media hold their breaths on whether he’s going to stay or leave and just being an overall distraction. Kyrie obviously got sick of that garbage and clearly wants to focus soley on basketball going into the prime years of his career. 

Are Cavs the Whiniest Organization in the NBA? Probably. 

I honestly wasn’t even going to write about this because I thought it’d blow over quickly but nope, here we are almost a week later and still talking about how this trade could get vetoed. The Cavs front office are serious contenders for being the biggest shit-heads in the NBA right next to the Clippers and the Knicks. And for anyone who’s been living under a rock I’m talking about how the Cleveland Cavs accepted a trade where they get Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the ’18 Brooklyn pick for Kyrie Irving… ALONE. 

So here we are almost two weeks after the initial trade had been accepted but now the Cavs are complaining how Isaiah Thomas has a hip injury (THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT) and could need more time to fully recover. I’m sure it’s a huge surpise to them that he was injured after they accepted that trade because I doubt that the information on Isaiah’s injury was brought to the Cav’s attention, *read that sentence with a sarcastic tone*. But in all seriousness, they’re actually that incompetent to do something like that. I’m literally so livid with this whole situation. Livid is the only word that comes to my mind. LIVID. 

Since Thomas’ injury was such a shocker to the Cavs, they’re now looking for “compensation” from the Celtics which is probably Jaylen Brown (HAH), another pick (LOL), or Jayson Tatum (*put your crying and laughing emojis here*), but we all know that Danny won’t fall for this pathetic attempt by the Cavs. They accepted that inital trade and knew what they were in for with that injury of Isaiah’s. Either they can accept it and move on or they can veto the trade and put an end to this whole joke. 

I highly doubt that they veto anything for obvious reasons such as the bad blood between Kyrie and the Cavs, bad blood and betrayal between the Celtics and Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, and the fact that each team has welcomed their new players as a part of their teams. I’m sure this trade will go through and if we send them a mid round pick for either the first or second round then fine, send it, I don’t care. Just get Kyrie Irving into a Celtics’ jersey by October 17th. 

Kyrie Irving is a Celtic… I’m Not Kidding.


I’m still in disbelief that it actually happened. And when I say “it”, yes, I mean the blockbuster trade that sent Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland and brings Kyrie Irving to Beantown that EVERYONE was expecting. This has to be one of the biggest trades to occur in Celtics’ history. Period. Isaiah Thomas was coming off of a career best season with the Celtics, being named an Eastern All Star and led the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cavaliers where they lost 4-1. If losing Isaiah wasn’t enough, Danny Ainge also sent Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Brooklyn pick. Yup. THE Brooklyn pick.

I think that this decision by Danny Ainge was messed up, morally, but it needed to happen. It really did. I’ve said this for so long and got virtually crucified by saying that, if I’m Danny Ainge, I cannot give Isaiah Thomas (who turns 29 this year) a $30million/year contract that he DOES deserve but just not in Boston and not in the situation they’re currently in, if that makes any sense. I sincerely hope that he has another year where he just completely balls out and locks in that max contract and make whichever team “back the Brinks trucks up” for him. I really do hope for that. And I believe that Dan Gilbert is the GM that will sign him to a max contract. I’m going to miss everything about Isaiah. He was 5″9 but had the heart and grit of a giant. That man did everything for this team and gave us his all and it’s a shame that this is how his time here in Boston ended. The upside of this situation for Isaiah is that he’s going to be teamed up with the best player in the league and has the greatest chance to compete against the Golden State Warriors.

I’m going to miss hearing Tommy Heinsohn on CSN scream, “THE LITTLE GUY!!”, after every miraculous play that Isaiah makes. 

Isaiah, thank you for everything you have done for us, you made the Celtics relevant once again. You 100% embodied everything that being a Celtic was and became one of my favorite Celtics to wear that green jersey. I wish absolutely nothing but the best for him and his future.

If it sounds like I dislike this trade, don’t be fooled because I absolutely love this trade. Don’t get me wrong, I’m utterly crushed and heartbroken with the fact that the King of the Fourth isn’t a Celtic anymore after all he did for the Celtics and the fans. It hurts to see him go, honestly. But we got Kyrie Irving in return aka Uncle Drew. The man is 25 years old and has two years left on his contract and he’s content with the trade and plans to resign with the Celtics long term, which is EVERYTHING that I needed to hear from this trade. Since 2011 I’ve dreamt of Kyrie Irving wearing a Celtics jersey and on October 17th, 2017, I will get the opportunity to see that dream fulfill itself at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

I’m also not saying that this trade is an automatic slam dunk for the Celtics either, because it’s not. Kyrie has a rough medical history and there’s also a bunch of possibilities in this trade that could happen which means that the Celtics messed up with this; Kyrie could or couldn’t sign long term. That Brooklyn pick could be a top pick where the Cavaliers get a fundamental big man that could turn into the next Karl Anthony-Towns. Markelle Fultz could turn into an elite scorer in this league. But like I said, these are all possible things that could occur, nothing set in stone. Overall, this trade made me excited for the team’s future and makes them prettier on paper.

After almost 10 years, the Boston Celtics are a, “big boy team”, if you will. Don’t come to me with that garbage saying how, “oh oh uhh last year we were a threat, we were the #1 seed in the East and took the Cavaliers to 5 games, so this trade was unnecessary”. Yeah, listen, that’s nice and all but now we get to have the younger guys play more and develop more quickly since they won’t be sharing minutes with Jae Crowder *insert an eye roll emoji here*. I loved Jae as well but he’s just not a starter (please don’t shoot me).

This trade was a beautiful thing to happen to a fan of the NBA because Celtics vs Cavaliers is going to be an electric rivalry this season for obvious reasons such as, Isaiah probably wants to show that he’s a max money player and shove it in Danny’s face as well. Kyrie HATES Lebron James and the feeling is mutual, for sure.

Kyrie is one of two active players in the league and out of four in NBA history to average 20+ PPG, 5+ APG, with less than 3 TO/ game. You wanna know who makes that list? Clyde Drexler, Damian Lillard, oh and Michael Jordan.

Kyrie Irving, welcome to the Boston Celtics and get ready to go to work.

Rookies Making It Rain But Encarnacion Brings The Thunder

Three home runs in the span of 24 hours. That’s what 12 year old rookie, Rafael ‘Baby Face’ Devers, has done. One rocket against Chapman in the Bronx on Sunday night and two against Trevor Bauer last night. Devers has been nothing short of phenomenal. I mean really, ever since his second major league start, (0-4 in first start but that’s irrelevant) Devers is batting .362 with a freaking 1.127 OPS and has collected 6 bombs.

Am I the only one who sees Adrian Beltre in Rafael Devers?  Who knows. 

Calling up Devers has helped rebuild (somewhat) Dave Dombrowski’s credibility because we needed some serious help at that third base spot. And having Pablo Sandoval just absolutely shit the bed and collect $90 million from us. That third base situation wouldn’t have been made an issue if Travis Shaw was never traded. But what’s done is done and nothing can be done but to move forward with the 20 year old rookie who’s raking the baseball. Ever since the All Star game; Aaron Judge (27 Games): .155 BA, 5HR, 12RBIs. Devers (15 Games): .339 BA, 5HR, 11RBIs. 

Andrew Benintendi. Love him. Love love love loooove Benny Biceps. The baseball is looking like a beach ball to this kid lately. During the month of August he’s hitting .425 with a 1.364 OPS falling behind the likes of Giancarlo Stanton, Tim Beckham, Nelson Cruz, and Joey Votto. Some solid company to be next to if you ask me. He put on a clinic against the Yankees with two home runs and six RBIs. 

Benny and Baby Face Devers were the only signs of offense last night when Encarnacion absolutely feasted on Doug Fister and Heath Hembree with two 2-run shots. Our pitching just didn’t look good last night and I think that we could see Fister being sent down to the Triple A and should bring up Hector Velazquez who’s having a decent starts for the Paw Sox. He’s got a 2.25 ERA and 7-4 in his 16 starts, so maybe we give him a shot. 

Final Score: Indians 7, Red Sox 3 

The Rivalry Is Back.


After taking two of an intense three-game series in the Bronx, even though they should’ve taken all three games, but I’m not going to dwell on what could’ve happened or should’ve happened. Anyways, it really gets you to start thinking that the Red Sox are the real deal, especially if you didn’t buy them as an actual threat after that 8-game winning streak. Ever since the whole Price vs Eck drama, the Sox have been 11-3 and playing good baseball.

Friday night was considered to be the most “loseable” game in that series with Eduardo Rodriguez on the mound and that wasn’t really the case through the first six innings where he threw six SCORELESS innings. KRod was lighting the Yankees up and our offense was doing fine putting up a healthy 3-0 lead all the way up until the 8th inning when everything fell apart. Addison Reed, who we picked up to be our 8th inning guy to set Kimbrel up for the closing stage in the 9th, comes in and gives up a two-run moon shot to Aaron Hicks and cuts that lead down to 3-2. Then Reed gives up a single to Gary Sanchez and then walks Aaron Judge and that’s where Farrell draws the line and brings in Joe Kelly. I thought that Kelly would’ve been able to get us out of that jam but that’s just wishful thinking on my part, I guess, because right off the bat (literally) Didi Gregorius singles to left and brings in Sanchez and everything is tied up in New York. After the 8th inning, everything went to shit and fast and ended up losing 5-4 after a great outting by Eduardo Rodriguez.

Final Score: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

Saturday night the Sox send Drew Pomeranz out to the mound against Luis Severino who’s been having a fantastic year with a 2.91 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP before his disastrous start against the Red Sox. Right away the Bronx Bombers strike first on Pomeranz with a 2-run shot to right field and everyone hit the panic button. Then Betts comes in to the 3rd inning, where he drives in two runs with his single and closes the gap to 3-2 until Benny Biceps steps up to the plate and smacks a 3-run blast to centerfield to put the Sox back on top 5-2. And if that wasn’t enough, at his next at bat he takes Severino deep once again for another 3-run blast to center and the AL Rookie of the Year candidate makes his case a little stronger to compete with Aaron Judge who is pretty much garbage ever since the All Star break, hitting under .200 and has struck out in 30 consecutive games. WOW, I know. The Red Sox end up taking a 10-5 win in New York, bringing Drew Pomeranz to a phenomenal 12-4 on the year with a 3.39 ERA while the massive loss that Severino took brought his ERA up 41 points to a 3.32 ERA.

Final Score: Red Sox 10, Yankees 5

Chris Sale against the Yankees is really unfair. Sale struck out 12 batters and had an almost perfect night until somebody called Austin Romine comes up to bat and hits the ball to Mookie who fails to make the catch and has an RBI triple;

After this Sale’s pitch count began to rise, it got to a point where Farrell thought it was enough for him and brought in Matt Barnes and we all could see something shitty was about to happen. Out of the 21 pitches he threw, 8 of them were strikes and gave up a sac fly to Todd Frazier which drove in Hicks to put the Yankees up 2-1 at the bottom half of the 8th. I was livid at this point, absolutely freaking livid. The top of the 9th strolls in and Devers must’ve known how livid I was and took matters into his own hands… against Aroldis Chapman. Before Devers walked up to the plate, Chapman had struck out Hanley with 100+mph heaters and he picked up right where he left off; ahead in the count 1-2 after a couple of 101mph fastballs but Devers got a good look at this 102.8mph missile and took Chapman DEEP;

This 12 year old just took a $90million relief pitcher deep in the Yankees’ stadium for the first time in Chappy’s career.

It’s the top of the 10th and we’re tied 2-2 until Benny Biceps steps up to the plate with the bases juiced and hits an RBI single to drive in JBJ and give the Sox a 3-2 lead where they throw in Kimbrel to finish the game and he does. The Red Sox take a 3-2 W, take the series 2-1 in the Bronx, open up a 5.5 gap in the AL East and only 5.5 games behind the Astros for the top seed. 45 games left in the season and anything is possible.

Final Score: Red Sox 3, Yankees 2

Blitz for Six (Red Sox Edition)

6 IN A ROW? 6?! 

FINALLY THE RED SOX ARE FUN AGAIN!  A few weeks back we were struggling to win 6 games since the All Star break and were 2.5 games behind the Yankees. Overall they were struggling to get the bats swinging and it was just an absolute shitshow to watch every night but now this team looks like it’s been sipping water from the friggen fountain of youth. Pitching, hitting and defensively we’ve looked golden and it all started from a walk off win against Cleveland: 

After that win, we’ve hit about 15 dingers from 8 different players and the pitching has been consistent giving the Sox an AL leading ERA of 3.71 after another strong outting by Doug Fister getting the sixth straight W for the Sox winning 6-3. I’ve been saying this since forever, if we get our pitching straight and our bats are swinging the way they have been these last 10 days then we’re a huge problem for teams like the Dodgers, Cubs, Indians, and the Nationals. As of right now, we got a nice little 3 game lead in front of the Yankees in the AL East since they’ve been struggling ever since the All Star break. 

Manny Ramirez, err, I mean Eduardo Nunez has been nothing short of phenomenal along side of Rafael Devers. Nunclutch has hit 4 ding dongs and driven in 15 RBIs since joining the Sox (he’s only hit 4 dingers in 76 games with the Giants so he could be considered one of the greatest deadline acquisitions, per Jared Carrabis: 

Rafael Devers came into the Show swinging his bat ferociously and I hope he continues to play like this for a very long time because I was absolutely crushed when we lost Moncada and Kopech but as of lately, that trade has really bit Chicago in the ass given the fact that Yoan is like 7/193 (give or take) since they traded Frazier away and Kopech got injured, too. I’ve had countless arguments and debates about this whole Chris Sale trade and how I’ve said that it wasn’t worth giving up potentially 10-15 years of Kopech and Moncada baseball but right now, this trade is fantastic but I can still see myself bitching at Dombrowski about this in the next 10 years. 

Let me give Chris Young some love as well, the man comes in as DH and smacks the shit out of the ball as he pleases. Two monster ding dongs against Chicago on Sunday and he just makes it look effortless. I’m getting way too excited with our team. 

The last thing I want to do is get ahead of myself and say that we’re winning the World Series but you know what? We’re definitely making some noise in October. The hottest team in the MLB (us, lol) has a tough road trip starting on Tuesday in Tampa and travel to New York to play three games in the Bronx. This upcoming road trip is crucial and is an x factor for the remainder of the season and winning these next series would give the Sox a tremendous cushion in the AL East.