Claude Out.

NHL: Florida Panthers at Boston Bruins

Bittersweet is the word.

En route to miss the playoffs for the third straight season, this morning around 8AM the Bruins relieved Claude Julien of his coaching duties and announced that Bruce Cassidy will be the interim coach for the time being.

Nearly ten years ago Claude Julien was hired as the 28th coach of the Boston Bruins franchise and during that run Julien won the Jack Adams Award for best coach of the year in the 08-09 season and led the Boston Bruins to a Stanley Cup victory in 2011 making it their sixth in franchise history. Julien also became the Bruins All Time Win leader as a head coach with a remarkable 393 wins, surpassing Art Ross'(Hall of Fame member) of 387.

The 2016 season has been nothing short of a disaster with a record of 26-23-6 being held at 3rd place in the Atlantic Division and GM Don Sweeney believed it was time, “I have taken a few days to assess where we were at and it came to my decision to make a change with regards to Claude,”. I think it’s a bit harsh to put all the blame on Claude, the players need to step it up and show they want to start winning games and take control of the Atlantic Division.

All in all, I just want to see the Bruins winning again and being consistent with it and they get to start fresh on Thursday when they face the San Jose Sharks at TD Garden on Thursday, February 9th at 7PM EST.

-Matthew T. Fermo, Entourage Sports Administrator.


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  1. Mikey P and the sunshine band.

    Who ever wrote this article is probably the sexiest piece of man meat on the planet. I’ve never seen him or heard of him before, but judging solely based off of thenincredible writing, I’d be willing to bet he is stunningly handsome. I may even leave my wife and change teams just for a chance at him.

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