Tommy Boy Does It Again

(Sports Illustrated)
I realize I’m a little late on this Super Bowl recap but bare with me here…
Sunday, February 5th 2017 (or better known as the happiest day of my life), once again I was alive to witness my New England Patriots in the Super Bowl for the 7th time in under twenty years.
Fast forward to the second quarter where it went from 0 to 100 real quick starting with Blount’s fumble leading to Freeman’s 5 yard rush into the end zone making the first tallykrabs_rag3do in the game. Next possession was a quick three and out which would set Matty Ice up for a 19 yard TD throw to Austin Hooper to take a two score lead. Just when you thought the Brady Bunch were bouncing back and picking up solid first downs and closing in on the Falcon’s 20… BOOM pick six, Robert Alford picks Tommy and takes it 82 yards to the
house and at this point I’m feeling nauseous and dizzy.
After a gruesome first half, with the Falcons humiliating the Patriots 21-3, my buddies and I decided to ignore Lady Gaga and her halftime show and played a game or two of NHL 17 where tensions just grew even more since I absolutely blow at playing that game so I shut the system off and put the game back on for the second half. Just like the first half, the anxiety comes back almost instantly when Tevin Coleman caught a 6 yard TD to add on to the lead and when that game clock hit 9:28 being down 28-3, I’m not going to lie but I was feeling like absolute crap and wanted to shove my head through some dry wall. All of a sudden there was some light when Brady found James White for the 5 yard TD reception but as soon as Gostkowski missed that extra point I found myself wishing my head was through the damn dry wall again.
The fourth quarter started and the only thing going through my head was, “I refuse to believe that I’m going to witness 3 Super Bowl losses, I absolutely refuse to believe that.” and apparently those thoughts along with millions of others throughout New England reached Tom Brady’s conscious and he got out there and became the freaking GOAT that he is. The moment where it hit me that Tommy wasn’t going to let this Super Bowl fall into the hands of the Falcons was when it was 3rd&8 with 4:49 left in the 3rd and Brady and his wheels took off for a 15 yard scramble and picks up the first down.
The unspoken hero in this Super Bowl was Dont’a Hightower who came up HUGE with his sack and forced fumble on Matty Ice, who at this point was melting down, and set Brady up with the perfect spot to start a drive down Atlanta’s side of the fifty which ended with a beautiful 6 yard pass to Amendola and not to mention James White’s drive right up the middle for the two point conversion as well. After another monster stop by the defense, the Patriots find themselves at their own nine yard line with their backs up against the wall with 3:30 left on the clock and what most don’t understand is that with a regular quarterback (Matt Ryan for example) 3:30 isn’t a lot of time when you need to drive 91 yards for the TD and another two point conversion but when you’re blessed to be called Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr it comes naturally to you to be cool, calm and collected.

Don’t let me forget about THE CATCH, the catch of all ages, the catch heard around New England, Julien freaking Edelman came up with this remarkable, unthinkable catch where it was like I was

Julian Edelman, Keanu Nealm Ricardo Allen
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

watching a Matrix movie, Edelman managed to slow time and concentrate on nothing but that football where it was being bobbled around and somehow never hit

the turf and landed on Jule’s soft, pillow-like hands. This is when Brady makes it to the one yard line and James White rushes into the end zone and then Brady locks up with Amendola for the SECOND two point conversion to keep everything square for the first time in the Super Bowl and to force the FIRST overtime in Super Bowl history.

The last time the Patriots went into OT, Matthew Slater mistakenly decided to defer the football but this time he won the toss again and made the right choice where the Patriots receive it first and drove it down Atlanta’s neck and pounded in the game winning… sorry, the SUPER BOWL winning touchdown done by, once again, James White with his third score of the game. This Super Bowl was the greatest by far and will be nearly impossible to top in the future unless, of course, the New England Patriots are included in the matchup.

-Matthew T. Fermo, Entourage Sports Administrator.

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