“No Days Off” 


 Bill wasn’t kidding when he started the chant, “No Days Off!”. 

Right after winning the Super Bowl you’d expect for us to be celebrating and being happy which we are, no doubt, but you also need to remember that we have a busy off season ahead of ourselves. Not us obviously, but Mr. Kraft and Bill do when it comes to free agency.

Notable free agents on this squad would be; Dont’a Hightower(LB), Michael Bennett(TE), Chris Long(DE), Malcolm Butler(CB) and Logan Ryan(CB).

The Patriots have until February 15th to place the Franchise Tag on one of these guys and my guess is that it would be Hightower. Keeping him would be a huge win in the offseason alone. That’s one of the best linebackers in the game as of right now and he’s just an x-factor to the Pats’ defense.

Butler is a restricted free agent so I believe that we’ll manage to sign him long term for a good amount of money.
I’d love to see Marty Bennett play for us next season but this is could another Revis case where he came for one year and dipped right after he got that ring to add to his resume.

Chris Long and Logan Ryan are up in the air as well but I’m sure we can get them to agree on a short term extension.

Mr. Kraft and the Patriots show absolutely no sign of stopping here and being satisfied with their fifth Super Bowl trophy and insist on pursuing the sixth next year. On February 7th it was reported by Darren Rovell, ESPN senior writer, stating that the Patriots have filed a trademark on the phrase, “Blitz for Six” to use on merchandise for next season. In order to “blitz for six” they need to get their free agents situation figured out. 

Matthew T. Fermo, Entourage Sports Admin. 


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