Atta Boy Danny! 


After all the hype and anticipation… and that heart attack that lasted about two hours when no one knew whether Gordon chose us or not due to lack of credibility, which would never happen here but that’s for another time (that’s a shot at Dave Dombrowski). 

From the start I was never worried about where Gordon Hayward was going to spend the next 4-5 seasons playing basketball even with Miami and Utah in conversation. Why wouldn’t you want to come to Boston to team up with your old college coach and attract other stars so that they will want to come join you in Boston and finally take out Lebron James? It’s an absolute no brainer.

I was dying of laughter when I saw the video of Jazz fans burning Gordon’s jersey and saying, “Have fun being Lebron’s little b-word,” I was laughing because that guy clearly isn’t aware that the Western Conference is absolutely packed with stars and studs and they’d be lucky to even whiff the playoffs next season, bud. 

If it wasn’t for this move, Gordon Hayward probably wouldn’t see a playoff game for a long time since George Hill took his talents to Sacramento and that was also the moment where it was pretty obvious Gordon wasn’t staying in Utah. 

Hayward’s coming to Boston after his best season yet and I couldn’t be happier. Last season he averaged about 22PPG, 5.4RPG, 3.4APG and 1SPG which are All Star numbers right there. 

There’s rumor about a possible sign&trade between Utah and Boston to free up cap space to keep AB, IT, Smart and Hayward for the upcoming seasons. They’d lose Demetrius Jackson and Rozier, which is obviously going to happen and I rather it be sooner than later, and would most likely stash Yabusele again. 

It’s still too bad that Indiana pulled the trigger so quickly to trade PG13 because he could’ve easily been in a green uniform this upcoming season after the Hayward news. 

Rumors about a Marc Gasol trade picked up heat, as well. The Spanish international could be a ridiculous addition to this team and would be the missing piece to the puzzle on how to dethrone King James from the Eastern Finals. I just hope to see that this trade goes through and we don’t give away too much. 



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