Bye Avery


I’m not really sure how I feel about what happened today. I woke up, started my day out like most and grabbed some coffee and as soon as I sit back on my couch I get multiple texts and alerts from Twitter about how Avery Bradley has been traded to the Detroit Pistons for Marcus Morris and a second round pick. 

Not even four days after receiving one of the best news about Hayward signing with us we get this absolute dagger to the heart. 

I understand that we needed to free up cap space to even sign Hayward but it’s just hard to see Avery leave us. 

I’m not one bit angry with this trade, except my initial reaction wasn’t the most appropriate either, but Marcus Morris is a great return for the Celtics; his contract is at $5million through the 2018/19 season which is huge in order to sign Hayward. We weren’t going to keep AB, IT and Smart after next season and let’s face it, we won’t win a ring this season regardless so might as well get a head start on the cap issues now, and at the end of the day, I trust Danny 110%. 

Best of luck to AB in Detroit! Welcome Marcus Morris! 

Here’s a tear jerker of one of Avery’s most iconic moments in a Celtics uniform, 

P.S. happy birthday Bruno 



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