Devers Call Up and Nunez Trade

So it’s been a weird week or two if you’re a Red Sox fan. First off, we all got that beautiful notification of the Red Sox releasing Pablo Sandoval. When I got that news, I jumped at work and thanked God because that man is an absolute scumbag and disgraced the Red Sox jersey and that third base position which essentially made us trade away the Mayor of Ding Dong City, Travis Shaw, who by the way is having an All Star (got snubbed) season is on pace for 37 dingers, 130 RBIs and hitting for about .310 so let that sink in. Back to Pablo, I give that lazy piece of shit props though, getting paid $49million to leave a baseball club early, as in before your contract is up? That really is the “American Dream” as Jared Carrabis (@Jared_Carrabis) said on The Baseball Show the other day. I’ll share that little tirade of his down below:


Anyways, John Farrell called up the #4 prospect on the MLB Pipeline and #1 3B among prospects, Rafael Devers, from the Paw Sox and made his debut last night. Defensively he looks promising but offensively, he still needs some time after going 0-4 but I mean the kid’s 20 so I’m not worried about it he just needs time.

*update* DEVERS FIRST HIT OF HIS MAJOR LEAGUE CAREER IS AN ABSOLUTE MOONSHOT (I was watching the game as I was writing about it)

This morning I woke up with good and bad news, the bad being that the Sox lost in extra innings to the Mariners and the good being that we signed a pretty decent third baseman being Eduardo Nunez from the San Francisco Giants who’s hitting .308 and not for power but he gets on base which I’m fine with. I saw a follower of mine and who I also follow, and he had a point where Nunez is only 1/3 of what we need right now in order to compete in October;

Dave Dombrowski has until the 31st to make some more moves in order for the Sox to be serious contenders for the World Series this year and make this Chris Sale trade all worth it. We need a solid reliever and a big hitter, still.


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