Red Sox Trade Deadline


Before we get into details of this Addison Reed trade, I wanted to share the fact that I lost my Fenway/Red Sox virginity yesterday and it was friggen awesome. I’ve gone to Fenway once to watch Frozen Fenway double header in January (which will probably never happen again since I almost lost some toes due to the weather, call me a pussy if you want to) but this time was unreal. The day was absolutely beautiful, suns out, blue skies with minimal clouds and about 75°F which was perfect, you really can’t ask for any better Sunday afternoon weather than that.

Taking the subway from Eliot in Newton to Fenway was super easy and smooth, even though I took about 15 minutes to get the ticket machine to work, but it worked out to be okay because I got to Fenway with an hour to explore Yawkey Way and its glory. My buddy had never gone to a Sox game either and didn’t even have a jersey so we stopped by one of the shops there and he asked me, “Yo, which jersey do I cop?” and of course I tell him, “white home jersey, with the 45 and Martinez on the back and you’ll be respected.”, I had on my red Hanley jersey so I was all set and my girl had a Mookie shirt on as well. Now we all look like we belong there and went to grab some food that came out to be like $30 for two hot dogs and three sodas but it’s all good because you pay for the ambience there and it’s so worth it.

We get into the stadium and find our seats which weren’t bad since we were in the shade but this massive beam was right in front our view of the pitcher but, whatever, I’m not going to let a beam ruin my Fenway experience.

About 15 minutes before the first pitch is thrown, the announcer comes on and says, “Before we begin the game, we’d like to welcome some very special guests from the 2007 World Series Championship team,” and they let down this huge banner that covered the whole Green Monster and said, “2007 World Series Champions”

So all of sudden you see all these guys from that team and I immediately get slapped in the face with a shit ton of nostalgia and felt all this emotion. You got legends like Tim Wakefield, Big Papi, Kevin Youkilis (crowd goes “YOOOOOOOUUUUK” which was hilarious because my girl was like, “Why are they booing him?” and I couldn’t help myself but laugh and explain), J.D. Drew, Julio Lugo, Jason Varitek and last name called was the World Series MVP of that year, Mike friggen Lowell and I absolutely lost my shit when I saw that man come out because growing up I would base my play style similar to his and he’s just a hero in my eyes. The first pitch was thrown by Mike Lowell to Jason Varitek and the crowd lost it.

Overall, my experience there was sensational and I can’t wait to go back.


Anyways, unfortunately the Sox lost the game to Kansas City and why did we lose? It’s simple, we have a shitty bullpen… but we just traded for Mets’ RP Addison Reed in return for three prospects that’ll most likely amount to nothing anyways so I’ll take it. Reed has 19 saves on the season and a solid 2.57 ERA so it’s a nice trade in our favor especially since we need some serious help in our bullpen.

It was a very busy deadline day for the MLB, we saw the Dodgers make some nice pick ups like Yu Darvish, Tony Cingrani and Tony Watson. The Yankees scooped up Sonny Gray for a bucket of baseballs and some bubblegum so I’m a little pissed that the only player we got was Reed. I’m even more upset with the fact that the Yankees took, like, maybe 45 minutes to rebuild and they’re already better than most teams, while the Sox are trading their farm system away for a championship this year. Regardless, it’s all about who gets hot in October.


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