Blitz for Six (Red Sox Edition)

6 IN A ROW? 6?! 

FINALLY THE RED SOX ARE FUN AGAIN!  A few weeks back we were struggling to win 6 games since the All Star break and were 2.5 games behind the Yankees. Overall they were struggling to get the bats swinging and it was just an absolute shitshow to watch every night but now this team looks like it’s been sipping water from the friggen fountain of youth. Pitching, hitting and defensively we’ve looked golden and it all started from a walk off win against Cleveland: 

After that win, we’ve hit about 15 dingers from 8 different players and the pitching has been consistent giving the Sox an AL leading ERA of 3.71 after another strong outting by Doug Fister getting the sixth straight W for the Sox winning 6-3. I’ve been saying this since forever, if we get our pitching straight and our bats are swinging the way they have been these last 10 days then we’re a huge problem for teams like the Dodgers, Cubs, Indians, and the Nationals. As of right now, we got a nice little 3 game lead in front of the Yankees in the AL East since they’ve been struggling ever since the All Star break. 

Manny Ramirez, err, I mean Eduardo Nunez has been nothing short of phenomenal along side of Rafael Devers. Nunclutch has hit 4 ding dongs and driven in 15 RBIs since joining the Sox (he’s only hit 4 dingers in 76 games with the Giants so he could be considered one of the greatest deadline acquisitions, per Jared Carrabis: 

Rafael Devers came into the Show swinging his bat ferociously and I hope he continues to play like this for a very long time because I was absolutely crushed when we lost Moncada and Kopech but as of lately, that trade has really bit Chicago in the ass given the fact that Yoan is like 7/193 (give or take) since they traded Frazier away and Kopech got injured, too. I’ve had countless arguments and debates about this whole Chris Sale trade and how I’ve said that it wasn’t worth giving up potentially 10-15 years of Kopech and Moncada baseball but right now, this trade is fantastic but I can still see myself bitching at Dombrowski about this in the next 10 years. 

Let me give Chris Young some love as well, the man comes in as DH and smacks the shit out of the ball as he pleases. Two monster ding dongs against Chicago on Sunday and he just makes it look effortless. I’m getting way too excited with our team. 

The last thing I want to do is get ahead of myself and say that we’re winning the World Series but you know what? We’re definitely making some noise in October. The hottest team in the MLB (us, lol) has a tough road trip starting on Tuesday in Tampa and travel to New York to play three games in the Bronx. This upcoming road trip is crucial and is an x factor for the remainder of the season and winning these next series would give the Sox a tremendous cushion in the AL East. 


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