The Rivalry Is Back.


After taking two of an intense three-game series in the Bronx, even though they should’ve taken all three games, but I’m not going to dwell on what could’ve happened or should’ve happened. Anyways, it really gets you to start thinking that the Red Sox are the real deal, especially if you didn’t buy them as an actual threat after that 8-game winning streak. Ever since the whole Price vs Eck drama, the Sox have been 11-3 and playing good baseball.

Friday night was considered to be the most “loseable” game in that series with Eduardo Rodriguez on the mound and that wasn’t really the case through the first six innings where he threw six SCORELESS innings. KRod was lighting the Yankees up and our offense was doing fine putting up a healthy 3-0 lead all the way up until the 8th inning when everything fell apart. Addison Reed, who we picked up to be our 8th inning guy to set Kimbrel up for the closing stage in the 9th, comes in and gives up a two-run moon shot to Aaron Hicks and cuts that lead down to 3-2. Then Reed gives up a single to Gary Sanchez and then walks Aaron Judge and that’s where Farrell draws the line and brings in Joe Kelly. I thought that Kelly would’ve been able to get us out of that jam but that’s just wishful thinking on my part, I guess, because right off the bat (literally) Didi Gregorius singles to left and brings in Sanchez and everything is tied up in New York. After the 8th inning, everything went to shit and fast and ended up losing 5-4 after a great outting by Eduardo Rodriguez.

Final Score: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

Saturday night the Sox send Drew Pomeranz out to the mound against Luis Severino who’s been having a fantastic year with a 2.91 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP before his disastrous start against the Red Sox. Right away the Bronx Bombers strike first on Pomeranz with a 2-run shot to right field and everyone hit the panic button. Then Betts comes in to the 3rd inning, where he drives in two runs with his single and closes the gap to 3-2 until Benny Biceps steps up to the plate and smacks a 3-run blast to centerfield to put the Sox back on top 5-2. And if that wasn’t enough, at his next at bat he takes Severino deep once again for another 3-run blast to center and the AL Rookie of the Year candidate makes his case a little stronger to compete with Aaron Judge who is pretty much garbage ever since the All Star break, hitting under .200 and has struck out in 30 consecutive games. WOW, I know. The Red Sox end up taking a 10-5 win in New York, bringing Drew Pomeranz to a phenomenal 12-4 on the year with a 3.39 ERA while the massive loss that Severino took brought his ERA up 41 points to a 3.32 ERA.

Final Score: Red Sox 10, Yankees 5

Chris Sale against the Yankees is really unfair. Sale struck out 12 batters and had an almost perfect night until somebody called Austin Romine comes up to bat and hits the ball to Mookie who fails to make the catch and has an RBI triple;

After this Sale’s pitch count began to rise, it got to a point where Farrell thought it was enough for him and brought in Matt Barnes and we all could see something shitty was about to happen. Out of the 21 pitches he threw, 8 of them were strikes and gave up a sac fly to Todd Frazier which drove in Hicks to put the Yankees up 2-1 at the bottom half of the 8th. I was livid at this point, absolutely freaking livid. The top of the 9th strolls in and Devers must’ve known how livid I was and took matters into his own hands… against Aroldis Chapman. Before Devers walked up to the plate, Chapman had struck out Hanley with 100+mph heaters and he picked up right where he left off; ahead in the count 1-2 after a couple of 101mph fastballs but Devers got a good look at this 102.8mph missile and took Chapman DEEP;

This 12 year old just took a $90million relief pitcher deep in the Yankees’ stadium for the first time in Chappy’s career.

It’s the top of the 10th and we’re tied 2-2 until Benny Biceps steps up to the plate with the bases juiced and hits an RBI single to drive in JBJ and give the Sox a 3-2 lead where they throw in Kimbrel to finish the game and he does. The Red Sox take a 3-2 W, take the series 2-1 in the Bronx, open up a 5.5 gap in the AL East and only 5.5 games behind the Astros for the top seed. 45 games left in the season and anything is possible.

Final Score: Red Sox 3, Yankees 2


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