Rookies Making It Rain But Encarnacion Brings The Thunder

Three home runs in the span of 24 hours. That’s what 12 year old rookie, Rafael ‘Baby Face’ Devers, has done. One rocket against Chapman in the Bronx on Sunday night and two against Trevor Bauer last night. Devers has been nothing short of phenomenal. I mean really, ever since his second major league start, (0-4 in first start but that’s irrelevant) Devers is batting .362 with a freaking 1.127 OPS and has collected 6 bombs.

Am I the only one who sees Adrian Beltre in Rafael Devers?  Who knows. 

Calling up Devers has helped rebuild (somewhat) Dave Dombrowski’s credibility because we needed some serious help at that third base spot. And having Pablo Sandoval just absolutely shit the bed and collect $90 million from us. That third base situation wouldn’t have been made an issue if Travis Shaw was never traded. But what’s done is done and nothing can be done but to move forward with the 20 year old rookie who’s raking the baseball. Ever since the All Star game; Aaron Judge (27 Games): .155 BA, 5HR, 12RBIs. Devers (15 Games): .339 BA, 5HR, 11RBIs. 

Andrew Benintendi. Love him. Love love love loooove Benny Biceps. The baseball is looking like a beach ball to this kid lately. During the month of August he’s hitting .425 with a 1.364 OPS falling behind the likes of Giancarlo Stanton, Tim Beckham, Nelson Cruz, and Joey Votto. Some solid company to be next to if you ask me. He put on a clinic against the Yankees with two home runs and six RBIs. 

Benny and Baby Face Devers were the only signs of offense last night when Encarnacion absolutely feasted on Doug Fister and Heath Hembree with two 2-run shots. Our pitching just didn’t look good last night and I think that we could see Fister being sent down to the Triple A and should bring up Hector Velazquez who’s having a decent starts for the Paw Sox. He’s got a 2.25 ERA and 7-4 in his 16 starts, so maybe we give him a shot. 

Final Score: Indians 7, Red Sox 3 


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