Are Cavs the Whiniest Organization in the NBA? Probably. 

I honestly wasn’t even going to write about this because I thought it’d blow over quickly but nope, here we are almost a week later and still talking about how this trade could get vetoed. The Cavs front office are serious contenders for being the biggest shit-heads in the NBA right next to the Clippers and the Knicks. And for anyone who’s been living under a rock I’m talking about how the Cleveland Cavs accepted a trade where they get Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the ’18 Brooklyn pick for Kyrie Irving… ALONE. 

So here we are almost two weeks after the initial trade had been accepted but now the Cavs are complaining how Isaiah Thomas has a hip injury (THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT) and could need more time to fully recover. I’m sure it’s a huge surpise to them that he was injured after they accepted that trade because I doubt that the information on Isaiah’s injury was brought to the Cav’s attention, *read that sentence with a sarcastic tone*. But in all seriousness, they’re actually that incompetent to do something like that. I’m literally so livid with this whole situation. Livid is the only word that comes to my mind. LIVID. 

Since Thomas’ injury was such a shocker to the Cavs, they’re now looking for “compensation” from the Celtics which is probably Jaylen Brown (HAH), another pick (LOL), or Jayson Tatum (*put your crying and laughing emojis here*), but we all know that Danny won’t fall for this pathetic attempt by the Cavs. They accepted that inital trade and knew what they were in for with that injury of Isaiah’s. Either they can accept it and move on or they can veto the trade and put an end to this whole joke. 

I highly doubt that they veto anything for obvious reasons such as the bad blood between Kyrie and the Cavs, bad blood and betrayal between the Celtics and Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, and the fact that each team has welcomed their new players as a part of their teams. I’m sure this trade will go through and if we send them a mid round pick for either the first or second round then fine, send it, I don’t care. Just get Kyrie Irving into a Celtics’ jersey by October 17th. 


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