Kyrie Irving is a Celtic… Again!

I cannot believe that we waited that whole time and were kept in that long of a suspense just to see a lousy future draft pick go to Cleveland. You had Celtic fans and Cav fans biting their nails and ruining countless nights of sleep over a 16 year old sophomore or junior in high school who’s probably in class as I’m writing this. 

Anyways, Woj tweets out at around 10:30 PM that the Celtics and Cavs have officially come to an agreement. 

Oh, you’re wondering what the hold up was? Just the 58th pick in the 2020 Draft. Yup, that’s it. I’m also not saying that that kid can’t be an NBA superstar because look at Isaiah Thomas and what he’s accomplished, I’m just saying that the odds don’t stack up in Cleveland’s favor. 

We all knew that Danny wasn’t going to give up much more. 

With this trade coming to a conclusion, that means that four years later that Celtics-Nets trade is officially over. Here’s what the Celtics got out of this trade; 

I’m just excited that Kyrie is officially a Celtic and will absolutely thrive in this system that Brad Stevens has established in Beantown. Kevin Durant was asked about the trade and gave his two cents about it that will excite Celtic fans; 

I completely agree with KD. In Cleveland it was basically just a crumby reality show with Lebron going into each off season, having all the cameras pointed at him and having the media hold their breaths on whether he’s going to stay or leave and just being an overall distraction. Kyrie obviously got sick of that garbage and clearly wants to focus soley on basketball going into the prime years of his career. 


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