Alex Cora is the 47th Manager of the Boston Red Sox


Two weeks later and the search for a new manager is over. The Red Sox announced that they hired Houston’s bench coach, Alex Cora! The 42 year old ex-Sox player is back in Beantown and this time it’s as the manager of the ball club instead. Cora is currently the bench coach for the Houston Astros, who face the Dodgers in game 1 tomorrow for the World Series, and that automatically makes us all Astros fans for the time being.

With Cora being hired, this makes him the first manager hired under the power of Dave Dombrowski which means if Cora or this team screws up, then Dombrowski takes the heat for it. Ever since 2015, we’ve heard endless amounts of garbage spew out of Dave’s mouth and every moronic thing he’s done and just puts the blame on just about anyone but himself. Anyways, as I divert, this blog is about the new manager of the Boston Red Sox and I wish they made this switch about a year and a half ago but I’m glad they finally did. This might be the first thing that Dave potentially does right as a President of Baseball Operations, Cora speaks both languages fluently, has a great connection with young players (Farrell lacked this heavily), is already familiar with the organization and is loved by Red Sox fans and pretty much everyone else loves Alex Cora, how could you not?

I fell in love with the thought of Alex Cora managing this team before the rumors even splurged out to the public. You hear and read all these baseball analysts and pro players and managers talk about how smart and passionate Cora is when it comes to the game of baseball and it gets you excited for the future for this young Red Sox team.

Along with the rest of Red Sox Nation, I’d like to wish Alex and the Astros good luck on winning the World Series but get ready to do some heavy lifting next April.


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