JD Martinez Is a Monster and No One Can Stop Him. Oh and the Angels Are Not That Good.

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JD, Just Dingers, Jumbo Dong. Call him what you want but just don’t call him broke…

Ever since the Scott Boras client signed the 5 year/$110 million deal with the Red Sox he has not disappointed in the slightest. The Red Sox slugger is batting .329/.348/.654 and a 1.050 OPS along with a league leading 25 home runs and 64 RBIs. So, yeah, he’s been pretty decent.

The Angels on the other hand, not too hot. After a potential comeback that the Sox slammed the door shut on the Angels, who own 4th place in the AL West with a pathetic 41-40 record and are a whopping 12.5 games back of the first place Astros. Yikes.

Tonight is the last game that these two teams will encounter each other for the remainder of the season and the Sox are looking for a clean sweep. The Red Sox pitching staff and offense have been rolling on all cylinders and show no signs of slowing down tonight. So far on the year, the Sox’s offense is batting .431 while scoring 45 runs in 5 games (which is pretty good) while the Angels are hitting a despicable .147 and only have 10 runs scored against the Sox, which honestly, isn’t bad but it’s just the fact that the Red Sox have scored 45 runs so it overshadows those measly 10 runs. The Angels hype train certainly has died down, especially after Shohei hit the DL. They’re still missing pieces to compete with teams in their own division, so until then, the Astros and the Mariners will continue to command that division.

Tune into the finale between the Red Sox and Angels tonight for a 7:10 PM start at Fenway.

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